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Activity Fitness Tracker Buyer’s Guide

Fitness is not a habit; it is a lifestyle, or so those who are dedicated to health and fitness would like to believe. In a world where individuals are increasingly living a sedentary way of life, one should be cautious when to relax and when to exercise.

You need your body to perform those exercises that will help you breathe better and fix or improve your posture. However, accessories come as an aid when you need assistance with your goals or physical activities.

With so many fitness bands being introduced in the market year after year, and new features shown after another, it’s getting harder to choose the right fitness band for you.

There are the fitness bands that provide the usual features including heart rate monitoring, calorie counting, steps counting, and a variety of exercises you can choose from to set your mode. Moreover, there are the technical factors that technology-savvy individuals like to check.

These include the battery life, the water resistance capability, and the ease to sync data and retrieve readings, to name some. Some may even prefer a waterproof activity tracker that could get wet any time of the day without damaging the device.

With all these choices, what are the things that you need to consider before buying a fitness band? Moreover, before looking at these things, why exactly is a fitness band treated as an essential accessory for your fitness endeavor?

Why buy a fitness band?

A fitness band’s general function is to count the steps you take, the calories you consume, and mainly to keep track of your physical activities. It helps you achieve your body and health goals, of course, with a limit of the device’s given functions.

If you’re not an expert on keeping track what needs to be tracked, and if you’re just starting your fitness journey, then a fitness band can help remind you how active (or inactive) you are on a daily basis. It’s something to keep you moving and to remind you that you have goals to accomplish. It’s like your virtual best friend, only more consistent with daily reminders and more accurate with the readings.

Limitations of a fitness tracker

A fitness band is an excellent fitness accessory if you want to keep track of your physical activities. However, like other devices, not just in the field of sports and wellness, it has its limitations. A fitness band may have the ability to monitor your heart rate, keep records of your sleep cycle, and count the number of steps you take every day.

However, more often than not, its functions stop there. It’s not capable of producing advanced metrics just yet. It can provide basic and general measurements of your heart rate and caloric burn, but not the breakdown of your entire workout or how much calories you burned per exercise.

Another limit of a waterproof activity tracker is its ability to distinguish a running pace from a walking pace. To wit, it can’t accurately measure your speed or the distance you cross, so it can’t be strictly used for any official training. Overall, your fitness band should only act as a guide.

Choosing the right style

Aesthetics is not the most important element of a fitness band, but it helps to choose the right design for you. Fitness bands have different looks, and sometimes they have varying functions, but the most important factor that you need to consider is its convenience for you and if it aligns with your physical activity of choice. For example, it’s hard to jog with a necklace type of fitness band dangling from your neck so you should opt for a bracelet type.

Garmin Vívofit came up with an extensive line of fitness bands that you can conveniently wear like a bracelet. Visibly, most sports and fitness enthusiasts prefer to wear bracelet fitness bands while exercising or playing a sport since they can simply strap it on and proceed with their activity.

Garmin’s line of fitness bands works like a watch so you can make sure that they are secure and won’t loosen up from your wrist. It remains intact while you’re running, swimming, powerlifting, or what have you. More than that, there are waterproof fitness trackers available on the line, which can be highly useful for people who like to exercise day in or day out, rain or shine.

Choosing the right features

You may have already eyed some fitness bands that you aesthetically like for their sleek looks or technically like for their features. On the other hand, you also have to consider some extras alongside those aspects. For example, perhaps you need a waterproof activity tracker for your activities.

Not all fitness brands carry waterproof fitness trackers for their customers, but Garmin Vívofit does. You can wear their swimming fitness tracker while in the gym, while in the pool, or even while in the shower. Some models can go deep in the pool without you having to worry about damaging the fitness band. This can be entirely useful if you want to dive straight in the waters without minding whatever gadget you’re wearing on your wrist.

Choosing the most sustainable battery life

In gadgets, the battery life is almost always one of the things that customers ask about. It’s important that they know for how long they can use it without charging it. Charging is time-consuming and eventually poses a problem when you’re always using a particular product.

Garmin fitness bands’ battery life can last up to 5 days without any charge. You can use it for three days at a minimum when using the GPS. More data and longer battery life may mean a higher price tag, but you can think of it as an investment for you and your health. This is especially helpful if you really want to be committed and consistent with your health or fitness goals.

Syncing data

Another factor that you should look at is the ease of syncing your fitness band with other devices. You can sync most fitness bands with smartphones to make it easier to retrieve your readings for the day. This is highly convenient for many users especially since almost all of us carry a smartphone now.

Aside from this, you should also check how useful the fitness band’s mobile app. This allows you to can make sure that your fitness band is showing reliable results.

In most apps, you can share information with your friends and have them use the same fitness band and its app. By doing this, you can do your exercises together. At the least, you can encourage each other to continuously wear your fitness bands to monitor your individual progress.

So which one is your fitness band?

At the end of the day, your fitness band shouldn’t define your activities. Your activities should determine what type of fitness band you need to purchase. You need a band that would fit your lifestyle and motivates you to reach your goals.

Battery life and charging conditions are also significant bits of your fitness band. Be sure to get one that caters to your daily activities and one that you can use easily. After all, it can be a struggle to have your fitness band turn off in the middle of your workout.

You should be able to use whatever fitness band you decide to purchase with ease. You should choose something that you can wear conveniently while being versatile enough for different exercises. Something that would also last you a long time and won’t easily tear down and lose its function. You should also consider if you want a waterproof activity tracker or not. It can be extravagant or simple, but so long as it supports your lifestyle and fitness goals, invest in it.

How To Choose The Best Activity Tracker for You

One of the most concerning thing about people’s lives nowadays is their physical health, fitness, and well-being. Due to the fast life some people live, there is not often a chance that people can eat healthy meals and because of this people usually just buy fast food and items that are fried and oily and don’t have time to work-out.

Several types of research and reports are indicating that almost 80% out of 100% of people in this modern era and life has been suffering from overweight, alarming obesity and some several other related health problems. With this, several health concerns have been studies such as the correlativity of our fitness to health concerns like high blood sugar, hypertension, joint pains, cardiovascular implications, and even the cause of cancers.

Therefore, it has been said that to be physically fit is no longer just a choice but a requirement or a necessary step to a healthy life. The moment that we open our eyes, it becomes a challenge to do whatever steps one must take to live his/her life easier, happier and healthier.

However, being fit isn’t easy, you need to make sacrifices, and you need to be disciplined if you want to pursue a healthy life. However, don’t worry, life is not that unfair for we have people with brilliant minds, that deserved to be thanked for helping us pass through the challenge of living a happier and a healthier lifestyle by inventing fitness tracker bands.

With so many devices created to help us stay fit, a fitness tracker is advised to be used by many health researchers to monitor one’s physical fitness activities. People who exercise are encouraged to have a good fitness band that will help in monitoring one’s weight after undergoing several programs or fitness activities.

Moreover, it is also advised that buyers should buy fitness bands that are water-proof since exercising will cause you to sweat a lot. The number of options and brands of fitness trackers are growing fast in the fitness market so to help you in choosing the fitness tracker band that best suits you well, here is a guide so you’ll know what to look for when you decide to purchase a fitness tracker and how you can use it so your workout will pay off.

First, before buying a fitness tracker and using it, make a list or an activity guide all throughout your workout routine. Jot down your goals, your timelines, your proposed diet or whatever you want to achieve so you can set your mind to do well and to not surrender along the way. For instance, set a common goal to track 10,000 steps or more in a day to burn a certain number of calories and this is also already a cardiovascular workout for you to be more active and productive every day.

Fitness trackers must seal in their minds that wearing such things can make you somehow feel like a member of the gym, meaning it would only become beneficial if and only you use it the way it is and if you maintain discipline and follow your goals strictly. For those who are “newbies” or are just starting to exercise in regards to working out, you can get everything that you need from a basic step tracker, most of these trackers give you an estimate on how many calories you have burned, and it will not cause you too much too.

To those who are more active and work-out as a routine, you may want to avail fitness trackers with advanced features like heart-monitoring and automatic activity recognition so you can check whether you are workout routine needs improvement or if you want to do heavier lifts or a hundred more squats and push-ups. Moreover, for those people whose lives are inclined and required to have a serious training or work out for their upcoming event, a triathlon for instance or athletes or even hardcore work-out buffs, having a fitness tracker with a go pro and something like GPS are suggested.

Examples of such trackers are TomTom and Garmin which tracks your heart rate and is GPS-equipped that will track everything from pace intervals to elevation and more. Some fitness bands are even equipped with cellular connectivity and storage for you to use for listening to some music while working out and you can even make calls out of it, no phones needed, just connection. So if you are any of these three, try to choose a fitness tracker that will best suit your lifestyle, don’t buy one just because everyone has it since your workout routine might be different from another person.

Mostly, fitness trackers are designed to be worn on the wrist, some of these have a clip to be hooked into the clothing. For instance, some fitness tracker can have both features. Some trackers like Fitbit Flex 2 is designed to be worn on the wrist, or it can be used as a pendant around the neck. This brilliant tracker is built not to become a hassle for you while wearing such. You can wear it all day without even interacting with it, and you can wear it for it does not bother whatever you are doing.

Most of these fitness tracking devices have LEDs attached to it showing whatever your progress is. Along with the appraisal of technologies, these fitness bands are not left out of the trends for more devices are already built to be a little more advance advanced. For instance, some LEDs are already touch screens like the one you will see in Fitbit Blaze. These devices are most likely identified as big watches with round or square faces that hold the screen which display a lot of your desired information.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a fitness tracker device which does not look exactly like the typical fitness bands we usually see on fitness stores then might as well consider fitness trackers that appear or come off as analog wristwatches. The LED feature of fitness trackers makes it suitable for nighttime workouts since just one press, and the watch will produce enough light for you to view your progress.

There are many cool looking fitness bands, and it can also come in different colors and shape, but In purchasing fitness tracking bands, the physical looks are not everything you also need to check the things that matter and what matters most is its convenience and quality or if it is even worth the price.

In choosing the best fitness band that’ll fit you, you should bear in mind that you need to choose something that is in line with your chosen physical activities or workout for as stated above, fitness bands come with different looks and use according to your desired workout. For instance, it would be very inconvenient for you to jog with a fitness tracker that hangs on your neck so instead try to consider fitness trackers that are designed to be worn on the wrist so that your fitness bands do not bother you while you work out.

Another thing that you should bear in mind when purchasing a fitness band is whether its built-in features are what you need. You may be attracted to how it looks on the outside, but you need to consider its specs as well so your purchase or money will not go to waste. For example, if your workout routine involves water like swimming then choose a fitness tracker that is fit for that environment since some fitness bands are not built to be water-proof, and that is something you should be wary of.

Garmin Vivofit, for instance, has water-proof fitness bands, with that, you are now free to do your workout routines involving water. Swimmers can benefit well with this since there’s no need to worry about damages in your fitness bands even you would go to the deeps of the swimming pools or the sea. You can also not remove this when you are taking a shower after working out in the gym since it is built to last long in water.

Buyers should carefully look at how long a gadget’s battery life can be sustained or if it can last long despite different temperatures. It is imperative for the buyers to know how long devices like fitness bands need to be charged and up to how long they can use these after being fully charged, so you are able to track your physical activities religiously. Garmin’s fitness band, for example, can last up to 5 days without any charge, make sure to charge your fitness tracker after. You may as well use this device up for three days including the use of GPS.

Another thing that you should look for when purchasing fitness bands is that whether it can connect with other devices. You need to check whether your desired device can be synced with other devices such as smartphones to make it easier and convenient for you to immediately look at the record of your progress along the way especially nowadays since people’s lives are attached to smartphones and even any other gadgets.

On the other hand, you should also check what the uses of your fitness band’s mobile app for this allows you to communicate with your friends, compare your stats, developments and both of you can be encouraged to stay fit through this. This feature is not a necessity for many, but for those who want to be able to track their progress quickly or on their phone then consider buying a fitness tracker that has this feature. It might cost a little more, but if it fits your lifestyle, then it should be worth the price.

Remember well that the fitness band or trackers general or main function is to count the steps you take, the equivalent calories being burned, and to keep records of one’s physical activities. If your fitness tracker isn’t able to provide the above three mentioned then look for one that is able to provide you with the basic functions.

Though despite the fitness tracker being a big help to those who want to track their weight, it still isn’t perfect and with the gadget can come several limitations, but knowing these flaws will help you achieve your health-goals or even life-goals. All of the necessary functions of a fitness tracker comes with some limitations like those other devices invented today. For instance, the device’s ability to monitor or record your heart rate while working out and keeping it on file.

It won’t be able to keep record of one’s sleep cycle and pattern. The counting of every step you partake every day won’t also be entirely correct since there are chances for tiny mishaps since fitness trackers are not capable of producing advanced metrics or functions just yet. It may provide several measurements of your activities and the calories burnt, but it doesn’t measure the breakdown of how much calories one has burnt in every workout he/she has done.

Another limit includes the device’s water resistance and the distinguishing of a running step from walking for it can’t measure accurately the speed and the distance you had run or walked.  Hence, some fitness track can’t be used strictly for any official training rather, and should only act as a guide. But it will still be a big help to those who want to start their journey to being physically fit.

Above all, what matters most is how we take of ourselves mentally and physically and to maintain a body that is physically fit for at the end of the day we need to make our lives one that is worth living for. We need to do our best in taking good care of the body that we have and making sure it is in shape so we won’t have health problems in the future. Fitness trackers, just make our maintenance to have a physically fit body easily monitored so we can be aware. Remember to always choose a fitness tracker that will best suit your work-out routine, lifestyle and needs.

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