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One of the Best Ways to Use an Activity Tracker is an Alarm Clock

An activity tracker is a helpful device or application for tracking and monitoring fitness-related activities. It can be used in distance walking and run, for calorie consumption, and heartbeat and quality of sleep. An activity tracker is also beneficial for those who are overweight and obese.

Some evidence has found that the use of this device results in less weight loss after 18 months of use. It can keep track of your steps, sleep, and activity level. All these time activity trackers are popular for fitness-related metrics only. A brand named Fitbit has an activity tracker product that can also be used as a silent alarm clock.

Fitbit is appreciated as an activity tracker. But aside from it, it is also a considerable device to wake you up. It can be used as a silent alarm clock that doesn’t disturb anyone in the room with its noise. Fitbit gently buzzes you awake from sleep without disturbing your partner or someone near you.

This device has built-in vibrate-alarms that would trick you just as well. Fitbit activity tracker has an interchangeable band with the leather option and stainless steel body. It can send you notifications from your smartphone like text messages and core ID.

It allows you to monitor your heart rate and it has sleep stages and sleeps insights to tell you how much time you spent in sleeping. This activity tracker comes with an OLED display that allows you to view your vital statistics and data directly from your wrist.

Waking up in bed due to your roommate’s alarm clock and vice versa could be a disaster especially when you don’t have the same sleep schedule. It is advisable for the both of you to use the Fitbit activity tracker that also serves as a silent alarm clock.

This device is worn around your wrist while sleeping so you will be woken up slowly without disturbing anyone inside the room. Another feature of this activity tracker that would be helpful for you is that it will track your sleeping patterns and could give you pertinent data as well.

One of the Best Ways to Use an Activity Tracker is an Alarm Clock

Aside from making use of it as an alarm clock, you can also use it for reminders during office hours or throughout the day without having unpleasant. You can wear it all throughout the day on your wrist, and it is waterproof so it can be showered. This device is also chargeable, and it only needs one charge in the last fortnight.

Fitbit activity tracker as a silent alarm clock will wake you up at the same time every day. As simple as tapping the device, it would turn the alarm off which presumably you’re wearing to track your sleep. You would wake up already slowly with three vibrations on your wrist.

How overwhelming it is to wake up in the morning without disturbing your roommate and vice versa. The good thing about putting an alarm on your activity tracker is that you’re aware you got up and start moving your day. Waking up with no loud, no risking your phone dying in the middle of the night, no blaring alarms, just peaceful sleep and gentle waking.

Silent alarm clocks would be so helpful in your everyday life. It does not give disturbance to the people around you. It also does give you peacefulness and calmness every time you wake up. This device is also perfect for fashion-conscious exercisers as it offers smartphone notification.

An activity tracker can also be an excellent gift for any occasion. The Fitbit brand has become synonymous with any fitness tracking wearables. It was one of the first companies when they started to launch health and fitness devices. Each device has evolved over the years with new features and trending designs.

The company Fitbit offers devices for fitness newbies to seasoned enthusiasts. Fitbit activity tracker has different styles and model that will suit your needs. Models include the Charge, Alta, Flex, Surge, Blaze, and Ionic.

Each model offers different specs and features that suits your budget, style, and fitness level. Fitbit is convenient, comfortable to use, and durable as some models are waterproof and it could last for six months.

One of the best feelings is waking up in the morning or any time of the day without disturbing others or without being bothered. Your conscience will surely hunt you if you wake up interrupting your roommate’s sleep. To avoid this situation, Fitbit is the best device to use as a silent alarm clock.

It would wake you up gently and could count the hours you spent for sleeping. Fitbit gives you multiple uses; a silent alarm clock and an activity tracker that monitors your heartbeat counts your steps while walking, and tracks the laps while running and swimming. Choosing Fitbit is the best choice for fitness wearables.

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