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Best Activity Trackers For Elderly

Fitness is limitless. Therefore, it does not stop at any age. You can be young or old and still be fit. On the other hand, it is apparent that there are more young people who are more physically active compared with the older generation. If hard exercises are out of the picture for older people, a little jogging or walking will not hurt.

Through daily walks, older people can still have a little exercise incorporated in between their everyday chores. To guide them through the proper steps, they will need a good activity tracker. This article aims to help older people choose the best one by listing some of the best activity trackers for elderly.

1. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

What most elder people look for in a good activity tracker is ease of use, connectivity, and a user-friendly interface.

All of this and more can be found in the Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband.

Fitbit is known in the market for being a top notch and quality fitness brand among its competitors.

This compact activity tracker may be simple to look at, but it has great functions such as heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, distance tracker, and calorie counter, among many, which the elders would surely find beneficial for them.

This activity tracker has a sleek interface that elder people might find polished and sophisticated.

It has a PurePulse Heart Rate feature that will enable the elders to monitor their heart rate even on a daily basis.

Elders can also not this activity tracker’s Guided Breathing Sessions. Some necessary features present in this Fitbit tracker are the Auto-Sleep Tracking, SmartTrack (Exercise Recognition), and Long Battery Life.

2. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

Another activity tracker worth trying from Fitbit is the Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch. You will instantly notice the large screen display.

This is especially useful for elder people who have a hard time looking at small figures and texts.

It shows an analog watch that is easy to read. For a more personal touch, the straps are interchangeable with other designs.

At a glance, you would notice the necessary features such as all-day activity tracking, sleep tracking, alarms, tap-activated display, and activity recognition.

Elder people would love that this fitness band is scratch resistant and has a great battery life. It is also compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android smartphones. This fitness watch comes in five different colors.

3. Garmin vívofit 2 Bundle with Heart Rate Monitor

If you are looking for something more simple and slim, you can check out the Garmin Vívofit 2 Bundle Fitness Watch.

It has a classic sports look made more visible by the rubber straps. Physically, it is lightweight and has a large screen display that shows a digital watch.

You cannot go wrong with a rubber-strapped fitness watch especially if it is waterproof.

Elders would like that this fitness watch from Garmin comes at an affordable price. Another factor worth mentioning is its long-lasting battery that extends up to one year.

Using the Garmin Vívofit 2 Bundle Fitness Watch, elders can personalize their fitness goals so they can better track their physical activities.

This fitness tracker also encourages them to be active throughout the day by giving them subtle reminders whenever they become idle for a prolonged period.

4. Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

For something sleek with a touch of style, the Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband is a good choice. It comes in four different colors.

This fitness band displays your daily statistics, the time of the day, and the exercise mode you want.

It is a convenient fitness band that also shows a caller ID when you get a call on your phone.

In line with this, you can sync the Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband on your smartphone and computer.

Elders might find this fitness band helpful for its essential functions such as the long battery life, the sleep quality tracker, the silent alarm, and the wireless syncing, as mentioned above.

Its All-Day Activity feature tracks steps, distance, active minutes, stationary time, and calories burned.

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  1. I tried the Garmin vivofit 2 for my dad, who is 87. I guess it works fine, but with arthritis in his fingers he could got get the band on by himself. He needs a regular watch band.

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