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Best Activity Trackers for Rock Climbing

Whatever your preferred sport is, you should take the time to find the best activity tracker for it. Your activity tracker will help you monitor your physical activities including your sports or exercise, sleep, walking steps, and even heart rate.

With the right activity tracker on your wrist, you would not miss to record your progress and improve your activities on a daily. Compared with fitness trackers, there are not much rock climber activity trackers in the market yet, so you have to make do with what you have or find something that will come close to an activity tracker for rock climbers like you.

This article will help you find the best activity trackers for rock climbing for your next adventure.

1. Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

When choosing an activity tracker for your sports or exercises, it is better to look at the features rather than the brand itself.

Your search for the best activity tracker should be intentional and not for the mere purpose of having a cool watch on your wrist. Take the Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch for example.

First, it is a GPS watch that allows you to track your pace, distance, and altitude. When it comes to rock climbing, we know that altitude is a vital element.

Rock climbing is a vertical sport not like running where you are just parallel to the ground. For rock climbers, altitude is their basis of success.

Another feature that you would be glad to know about this Polar Sports Watch is, it is a waterproof fitness trainer. Although you would not really climb rocks on a rainy day, it is worth noting that you would not have to worry about damaging your fitness watch when you get it wet.

The Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch also has advanced technology that makes it compatible with H7 Heart Rate Sensor to assist your training to be at the right intensity with target heart rate zones.

You can also call it a social smart watch that lets you plan, sync, and share your training stats using the Polar Flow app. Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch is a Prime Product on Amazon.

2. Pyle PSWWM82YL Digital Multifunction Sports Watch

Before you head out to your next rock climbing adventure, it is important that you check the weather first so you can come prepared.

This is exactly what the Pyle Digital Multifunction Sports Watch can assist you with. Pyle is equipped with an altimeter, barometer, chronograph, compass, and weather forecast.

You can say that this is everything that you need for your rock climbing trips, all featured in a compact sports watch.

To help you clearly see the figures on your watch, Pyle Sports Watch has a digital electroluminescent backlight that graphically displays altitude tendency and sea level pressure.

It shows the maximum and minimum altitude, the maximum and minimum temperature, and the accumulated altitude during your ascend and descend. It also has a built-in pre-programmed digital calendar.

Pyle’s internal memory has a 34-hour history data recall for altitude, temperature, sea level pressure, and temperature changes. This sports watch is also equipped with a countdown timer for when you need it.

It displays the time, month, day, hour, minute, second, and day of the week. Its barometer mode measures atmospheric air pressure while its weather forecast displays four symbols to indicate the predicated weather.

3. OtiumIP67 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch

The last sports watch on the list that you might want to look into is the Otium Fitness Tracker IP67.

It is a Waterproof Smart Watch equipped with a pedometer, Bluetooth, wireless activity tracker, sleep monitor, remote camera, and steps counter, to name a few of its features.

The Otium Fitness Tracker is a rubber smart bracelet designed to be waterproof and dustproof.

It is an ideal sports watch for various sports while wearing it during swimming, diving, taking a cold shower, or washing your hands.

This Smart Watch Wristband supports sports tracking including stats for pedometer, distance, and calories.

It also has a sleep tracker that monitors your sleeping time and sleeping quality. It can detect multiple movement patterns such as when swimming, cycling, running, rope skipping, or rock climbing.

You can take advantage of its reminder functions including the anti-lost reminder, alarm clock reminder, call and message reminder. Using this sports watch, you can control your phone’s music via Bluetooth or take photos or shoot video using “Smart Wristband” app.

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