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Best Activity Trackers For Runners

Most people think that activity trackers are meant to be worn by athletes. While this is try, many runners wear activity trackers to keep track of their running pace and monitor their progress. Doing this is especially helpful when runners are preparing for marathons and fun runs.

Wearing a fitness watch can be of big help if you know the metrics that you need to keep tabs on and you know what you are looking for specifically. There are many activity trackers in the market, and some of them are specially designed for runners. Keep reading this article to know the best activity trackers for runners.

1. Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

The Polar M400 is a very detailed activity tracker that runners would highly appreciate.

It is like having your personal coach right with you as this tracker gives exact figures on the distance you run including the average and maximum distance, and the number of minutes you have run.

It has a bright screen that visibly displays figures and your current statistics while running.

This activity tracker is recommended for runners who like keeping tabs on their running performance.

It also sends reminders when you have been inactive for too long. This encourages you to move around or, better yet, start lacing on your running shoes.

Using your heart rate, the Polar M400 can detect the level of difficulty of your running pace as well as your readiness for the run.

On the other hand, its internal GPS effectively provides feedback. The battery extends to days with all the alerts turned on. The Polar M400 comes in five different colors.

2. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

Looking for a more minimalistic activity tracker? Try the Fitbit Surge.

This activity tracker is aesthetically designed and smartly built for runners who like to focus on their own tracks. It has a GPS system that takes notes of your speed, distance, and splits.

Also included is an altimeter that translates elevations into floors climbed. It also showcases an optical heart rate sensor that efficiently records the distance you run.

Once it detects your heart rate, it will automatically show details graphs of your current beats per minute, recent trends, and the like.

The Fitbit Surge is not waterproof for swimming, so it is highly suggested to be used on dry sports only like running.

It comes in three different colors, which lets you style your watch differently every time. Due to its simplistic design, it looks just like a slim wrist bracelet.

3. iRapid Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Pressure Monitor Watch

The next activity tracker in the list is the iRapid IP67. It can be used for different sports like running, walking, cycling, and yoga.

It is a waterproof activity tracker that accurately monitors your heart rate, calorie intake, walking distance, and sleep quality, among others.

The iRapid IP67 Activity Tracker is compatible with different devices with iOS and Android systems.

It has a call notification to alert you of the calls and texts you receive on your phone.

The screen display is visible enough, and the icons appear whenever you have the Bluetooth, notifications, etc. turned on.

It is a sleek activity tracker that has a flat screen and sides, so it does not easily get budged or touched. The iRapid IP67 activity tracker comes in three different colors at your disposal.

4. Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor

Another Polar activity tracker that is suitable for runners is the Polar A3pp Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor.

This activity tracker comes in four different colors, which can instantly give your running ensemble a pop of color. It comes in pink, white, black, and yellow.

This waterproof activity tracker keeps tabs on our steps, distance, and calories burned.

It has advanced technology that enables a vibrating alarm when it detects you are idle for an extended period.

Aside from monitoring your running performance, the Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor also track the quality, time, and pattern of your sleep.

Overall, this activity tracker is compatible with an H7 Heart Rate sensor to monitor your heart rate accurately. This fitness band has interchangeable wristbands so you can design your activity tracker to suit your style.

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