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Best Activity Trackers for Heart Rate Monitoring

Fitness is limitless, and health knows no age. Whether you are 15 or 50, it is important for you to take care of your health. There are times that our chest hurt out of the blue, maybe because of lack of exercise or because of the food we consume.

However, before we feel any physical pain or illness, it is best that we address its root cause and prevent health problems before we ought to cure it. This article lists the best activity trackers for heart rate monitoring.

1. Mio VELO Cycling Heart Rate Monitor Wristband

This heart rate monitor wristband from Mio VELO is packed with features for an affordable price right from Amazon.

This wristband is a comfortable and accurate alternative to a heart rate monitor chest device.

It transmits data from ANT+ speed and cadence sensors straight to your iOS smartphone apps.

It can transmit your heart rate to your smartphone, GPS watch, and bike computer.

You can easily sync your data to popular fitness apps wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart.

The VELO wristband has five heart rate zones with colored LED lights. It is water resistant up to 30 meters.

The Mio VELO Wristband is compatible with Mio PAI app. You can use it for other physical activities like cycling, running, and walking.

2. idealink K1 Bluetooth 4.0 Waterproof Sport Bracelet SmartWatch

With the Idealink K1 SmartWatch, you can monitor your sleep, heart rate, and blood oxygen; set alarms and reminders; and track your calorie count and distance walked with the Idealink K1 Sports Bracelet SmartWatch.

This fitness tracker acts as a pedometer, oximeter, and smartphone.

You can count your calories, track the quality of your sleep, monitor your heart rate, and set your alarm for the next day.

It is compatible with Android 4.3 and higher, and iOS 7.0 and above.

By effectively monitoring your heart rate, this Idealink K1 SmartWatch encourages you to constantly be active on a daily so you can make sure that your heart and body is healthy, which allows you to enjoy the things that you love without worrying about your heart’s condition.

3. Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

We all know how Fitbit is known for being a superb brand in the fitness industry.

If you are only looking for a sound fitness wristband to consistently monitor your heart rate, you can trust the Fitbit Charge 2 Wristband, which you can use to track your heart rate and your fitness activities.

This Fitbit fitness tracker, in particular, has a PurePulse continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate tracking to measure the calories you burn per day better.

It encourages you to maximize your workouts using simplified heart rate zones including Fat Burn, Cardio, and Peak.

You can also use this Fitbit Wristband as a pseudo-smartphone with its ability to display calls, texts, and calendar notifications on its OLED display screen.

This fitness wristband allows you to automatically track how long and how well you sleep and wake with a silent vibrating alarm.

It has a customized Cardio Fitness Score that you can use to have a better understanding of your fitness progress and see how you can improve your physical activities and goals over time.

You can use the connected GPS during run mode to see real-time stats on your wristband.

4. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Another fitness wristband from Fitbit worth your money is the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband.

It is a high-performance wristband that automatically and continuously tracks your heart rate and activities right on your wrist.

It allows you to see your heart rate the entire day while doing your workouts.

Thus, you can get more accurate stats like your calories burned, your target workout intensity, and your overall training time.

You can also use this Fitbit Charge HR to track your steps, distance, floors climbed, sleep quality. Sync the wristband wirelessly to your smartphone and computer with ease.

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