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Best Activity Trackers For Monitoring Sleep

There are nights that we do not sleep well. It may be due to stress, due to uncomfortable mattresses, or simply because we are not yet tired to sleep, so our productivity during the following day suffers.

There are also days that we want to complete the recommended hours of sleep per day, but due to our busy schedules, we end up waking up in a frazzle, throwing on the first set of clothes that we see, and running out the door and forgetting to track our sleep for the rest of the day.

Whichever situation we are in, it is recommended that we do monitor our sleep so we can know if we are getting enough sleep or we need to catch more Z’s during the night. Sleep is imperative for our productivity. Lacking sleep has its bad domino effects on us. To help you address your own sleeping problems, here are the best activity trackers to monitor your sleep.

Idealink K1 SmartWatch

It is uncomfortable to wear a bulky watch to sleep. However, with this smart watch from Idealink, you do not have to compromise your comfort to monitor your sleep.

This activity tracker is made of a rubber type material with a plastic screen.

It has adjustable holes to fit most wrist sizes whether you have a small or a large wrist.

It does an excellent job of monitoring your heart rate, your sleep’s quality, and your blood oxygen.

It is also a functional watch that reminds you of important appointments and alerts you to SMS notifications, calls, social media activities, etc. It also correctly displays the time.

You will especially love this activity tracker for its waterproof feature and compatibility with Android and iOS smartphones.

This and its price for less than $50 should be enough reasons for you to trust this activity tracker to monitor your sleep effectively.

Jawbone UP2 Lightweight Thin Strap Fitness Tracker

If you are looking for something that looks a bit classier than your typically sporty activity tracker, you can trust the Jawbone Fitness Tracker to make your look more sophisticated.

It has a lightweight design that proves to be comfortable on the wrists. You can even choose from five different colors.

It tracks your activities and your sleep effortlessly. The Smart Alarm feature wakes you up at best time according to your sleep cycle.

This fitness tracker is compatible with various iOS devices, so you do not have to worry which smartphone or gadget you own.

Shonco 15S Fitness Tracker Wireless Activity Wristband

This fitness tracker from Shonco is another one you ought to consider. It tracks your steps, your walking distance, and the calories you burn.

It also monitors your sleep quality to check if you are getting sufficient rest at night.

It encourages you to be active throughout the day by sending off vibrating alarms that remind you to get up and move around.

It is a multifunctional watch that benefits your health in the long run while allowing you to look stylish.

It also works like a smartphone that alerts you with notifications and reminds you of the agenda that you scheduled the day prior.

Lendoo I5 Plus Smart Bracelet

You would undoubtedly become an instant fan of this fitness bracelet once you learn of its powerful features. It is an activity tracker that functions as a smartphone.

It has push reminders that support different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Skype, iMessage, and Line.

You can view your contacts on this fitness tracker and even the SMS contents from your smartphone.

With your physical activities, it can track your steps, walking, and running distance, and calories burned. It also tracks the quality of your sleep whether you are sleeping lightly or deeply during the night.

It can function as an alarm clock by waking you up with vibrations, so it does not disturb other people.

It reminds you to be active by encouraging you to move around during the day if it detects that you are too idle. The Lendoo I5 Plus is water-resistant and has an Anti-lost feature.

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