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Best Kids Fitness Tracker 2018

Best Kids Fitness Tracker, kids activity tracker

Physical fitness and wellness are vital in leading a healthy lifestyle, combined with well-balanced diets. However, each of these exercises yields different results. To track performance, adults have been using fitness trackers to determine their performance and reach their goals. If you have kids who are fascinated by exercises, or who are fighting obesity, you will need a kids fitness tracker to monitor their activities. More importantly, if your kid has difficulty in sleeping, then a kids activity tracker is the best solution for you to know the quality of your kid’s sleep.

In this article, we delve into all you need to know about kids fitness trackers. What they are, how they help both kids and parents, the best trackers 2018 and ultimately, the benefit of using fitness tracker for kids.

But what is a kids fitness tracker?

To begin with, like the usual adult activity tracker, a kids activity tracker is a wearable device with fitness-based apps that shows how much they are involved in their fitness activities. Simply put, it is a device that should show how much calories has been burned in a particular session, their heart rate during fitness activities, distance covered within a given fitness session, and so much more.

However, depending on a parent’s needs for their kid’s health, the features to look for in a kids activity tracker are vital. For example, if a parent wants their kid to walk about two miles in a session, their specific tracker should focus on exactly that.

Additionally, there are those activity devices that motivate children to lead a healthy lifestyle. For instance, a tracker that shows the amount of water consumed within a day. In such a scenario, the child will be motivated to take up as much water to hit their target, while providing verifiable data to the parent. Amazing right? I guess yes!

How does a kids activity tracker work?

Well, a fitness tracker for kids is primarily meant to give authoritative data to the user, which can be interpreted to show progress in a given fitness routine. To effectively analyze the results, it is important to set goals and targets either monthly, weekly or daily.

For example, if you set out to walk for five thousand (5000) steps in a day, for four days in a week, you will feed your schedule in the tracker, and then carry it around during your exercise session. As you walk down the road, climb uphill or sometimes taking staircases, the kid’s fitness tracker will provide real analytic results on how many steps you’ve made, how much calories you have burned so far, or your heart rate and so much more.

Worth noting, these trackers have developed mobile apps in leading platforms such as Android and iOS. Most of these fitness trackers have the functionality of being synchronized with mobile devices. So, as a parent, you can view your kid’s performance while still away from home.

There’s no reason why you should not consider buying a fitness tracker for kids. It is vital to review how involved you’re with your fitness routines as opposed to merely guessing that you’re achieving considerable healthy changes.

The best fitness tracker for kids

Depending on your fitness and activity needs of your child, it is important to get the best kids activity tracker. Before you buy anyone, in particular, its functionality and usability play an important role. So here is a look at the 10 best fitness tracker for kids.

1. LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

Your kid will experience the LeapFrog LeapBand activity tracker made for kids & fit made fun!. It shows both analog and digital on separate screens. It also speaks the time to help children learn to tell time and can play with the avatar much like a little pet on their wrist.

Kids can personalize their very own pet pal, for an active playmate who’s always on hand. Parents can choose from 50 downloadable challenges to keep their child wiggling, dancing, hopping and having fun. Mini-games, pet accessories and more built-in rewards encourage active play and healthy habits: it’s the perfect motivation to get kids moving

The more kids move, the more reward points they earn to unlock new pets and toys to play with. It comes with USB connectivity, adjustable band, water resistant, Hi-Resolution screen, rechargeble battery and parental controls.

2. Garmin vivofit JR.

This swim-friendly kids fitness tracker is comfortable and secure enough to wear every day from school to soccer practice and even to sleep and motivates kids with rewards and a mobile adventure trail to unlock. Behind the scenes, parents can track activity and assign chores via the free companion mobile app. It’s all controlled from the adult’s mobile device, offering parents less fuss and more fun.

The easy to put on Garmin vivofit jr fits most with 1-size band and stretches over your child’s hand and fits comfortably. Its pretty comfortable for the kids between age 4-9 years and regular size accommodates wrists up to 145mm, extra large fits wrists up to 146-170mm and the Vivifit 3 bands are compatible.

Simply, it is pint-sized powerhouse no charging needed for 1-year and packed with sunlight readable display, 50m water resistance and build-in timer for various things. Your kids can earn coins that can be redeemed for agreed-upon rewards with parents.

3. Fitbit Ace

Any kid who ages 8 and more can comfortably use it and this wristband tracks steps, active minutes & sleep. Kids will love challenging others to step competitions and earning badges when they hit milestones. Ace makes fitness fun for kids and everyone!

This tracker that survives splashes and spills with a secure, adjustable wristband for growing kids (one size) and Syncs stats wirelessly and automatically to iOS & Android devices and has a battery life up to 5 days (varies with use and other factors)

Your kid can be added to your Fitbit family account but parental consent required for children 12 and under. like others, Ace keeps every step of the journey exciting by buzzing with celebration messages and rewarding kids with fun badges when they reach goals and milestones. It comes with more fun clock faces up to 10 designs that show the date and time, goal progress and more.

4. Garmin vívofit jr. 2

If your kid is a huge Star Wars fan and then Garmin vívofit jr. 2 is well fit. This swim-friendly kids fitness tracker is tough enough to make it all around activities, and with 1+ year battery life, there’s no stopping to recharge. As a parent you can set up chore reminders (feed the dogs, brush your teeth, take a shower, etc.) it tracks your kid’s steps and “active time” throughout the day as your kid wear it at night and it tracks their sleep as well. You could set alarms for them to wake up and catch the bus. Parents can manage chores and rewards from the parent-controlled mobile app.

Vívofit jr. 2 lets your kids get their hands on more styles and mobile app adventures. All they need is, a new band to open up a new world of adventures.

Each of these kids fitness trackers has specific features that set it apart from the other. However, they all serve the same purpose of heart rates, calorie counter, sleep tracking, steps counter and so on.

The Benefit and Importance of Buying kids fitness tracker

While the benefit of using kids activity tracker is inalienable with its purpose, they solely provide daily fitness progress. Therefore, if you workout with your kids or want to monitor their performance, you ultimately need the best fitness tracker for kids. So here are the purposes that the tracker offers

Recording calories burned

While this forms the basis of any fitness or workout activity, if you’re looking to manage the weight of your kid, then it’s important to monitor the amount of calorie your kid burns on a daily basis.

Record a kid’s sleep

Most of the kid’s activity tracker have this feature. It basically records your child’s quality of sleep necessary for their development. Thus with a good fitness tracker for kids, you should be able to ensure that your child gets adequate sleep.

Recording Speed and time during fitness/activity

Depending on the activity in question, speed and time are important factors for successful fitness. This includes but not limited to walking, cycling, running and so on. To monitor your kid’s speed and time, you will have to tuck a kids fitness tracker with them.

These are some of the reasons why you need to buy your kid an activity tracker. However, depending on your primary needs, you should be able to find the best kids fitness tracker that suits these needs. Our list of fitness trackers above should certainly offer great results in your ultimate kid’s fitness monitoring.

Battery Life & Waterproof

It is of great importance to consider how long your chosen fitness tracker for kids would go with a single charge. Even though your child might play around with it for hours, it should at least have higher standby time. Moreover, it should be waterproof enough to resist water when your kid goes to the pool or when in the rain. It is also important to buy one which can be synchronized with your mobile device.

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