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Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Plum, Small (US Version) Review

The Fitbit Alta looks like your typical fitness tracker.

It is a stylish and slim wristband that will appeal to people who prefer their tracker to be discreet but fashionable. It is a full-featured Fitbit tracker that automatically tracks your all-day steps, the number of calories you burn, your distance traveled, the time you spend active and even your sleep pattern.

All of these is displayed on your wrist or, in your Fitbit app. It has everything you’ll need to keep track of your day.

Features and Benefits

The Fitbit Alta comes with a range of different functions.

You can keep track of the time, how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you traveled, the calories you have burned and the hours of active minutes.

With Fitbit Alta, motivation is your best accessory.

It helps you track all day activities, and the device will vibrate and alert you to move if you’ve been inactive too long. It also has an auto exercise recognition.

It also comes with a smartphone notification feature wherein you can sync your smartphone to your Fitbit Alta, and it will alert if you have incoming calls and texts.

Its battery lifespan lasts about five days (dependent on usage) and charges with a cable and a clamp.

It offers a metal bracelet band, leather bands, and different colored sports bands. It interchanges easily with a simple lock.

It provides a variety of screen orientation depending on your personal preference may it be horizontal or vertical, and you can also choose from an assortment of different watch faces.

This thing has a big emphasis on style. Fitbit wants you to be able to wear it in every situation; it’s a lot more stylish.

Pros and Cons

The Fitbit Alta is your best friend when it comes to activity, health, and fitness. One advantage it has over its competitors is the fact that it offers the essential functions and features of a primary fitness band.

It automatically tracks high-intensity exercises like outdoor running and cycling, not just walking. It vibrates gently to remind you to move throughout the day if you’re not active enough. With Fitbit Alta, you are highly motivated and encouraged to be active. Its notifications help.

The style element is quite sleek; The Fitbit Alta has replaceable bands to suit your style. This one is in purple or plum as it says. Dark purple I say.

So much better than the plain black one. With its replaceable bands, the Fitbit Alta is more slender and looks least like an activity tracker and looks more like an accessory.

Plus, the Fitbit Alta comes in three different sizes which are good because it helps us choose the right size for us.

The overall size and design of the Alta are smaller and sleeker than previous generation Fitbits. And the Alta is more comfortable on the wrist. The edges are smooth and clean. It looks nice on both a man and a woman’s wrist.

The call and texts notifications on the Fitbit Alta app only pop- up once. The Alta is also not completely waterproof but it is water resistant, so it is good against splashes, sweat, and rain.

The Alta also doesn’t have any buttons, so you have to interact with it by tapping the face or the side of it. You can also adjust how you want the display to be.

The Fitbit Alta is an excellent accessory if you want to keep track of your daily activities. However, like any other devices, the Fitbit Alta isn’t perfect.

Always remember that the figures on the tracking devices are just estimates, but it’s still good to know where you stand with your daily activities.


The Fitbit Alta is designed to help health and fitness front and centered. To keep you motivated, to keep you on track and to do a reasonably good job of quantifying your life. The thing about Alta is that Fitbit wants to limit how much you have to do with the device.

More importantly, it allows you to monitor your daily progress and activities, it helps you keep motivated to stay active, and it has all the necessary functions and features that will help you track your daily activities. Fitbit’s idea is to make the Alta ideal. And the Alta shows just that.

The Fitbit Alta can do so much more. It assures you of the value that it offers.

The Fitbit Alta isn’t a super tracker, not even the best fitness tracker on the market but here’s the thing, It is not trying to be. It’s merely a beautiful fitness tracker that will comfortably fit the needs of most people at a relatively competitive price point.

This fitness tracker may not appeal to the average gym rat, to those into serious lifting, to those who need precise GPS tracking for running or cycling.

However, it will appeal to those who occasionally exercise and want a good idea of how active they are on a daily basis and how many calories they’ve burnt, and it does those things very well. The Fitbit Alta, geared towards the casual lifestyle is subtle, very comfortable and still very modern.

But, always keep in mind that these fitness trackers will not do all the work for you, these trackers are just tools to help you be motivated to work and stay active. You still have to get up and do all the work for them to do the job for you.

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