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Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Special Edition Review

Product Description

It is sleek and modern. It is Fitbits Alta FItness Tracker. This Fitness tracker comes in two different colors, one in slate (a marine dark blue like color) and one in pink with gold plating.

The watch is designed with a rectangle face that enables the users to quickly see their stats and the time by just tapping the LED display. The bright screen also shows how much steps the user has traveled. The distance and even the calories burned during the workout and how many minutes the user is active.

The watch also has a feature that automatically tracks your sleeping time and pattern, and you can also set the watch to have a silent and vibrating alarm.

It also functions as a smartwatch by allowing the users to receive calls, text messages and other notifications in just a single glance. The watch can be used with other bands since it is designed to allow the watch users to change the watch bands into different materials such as leather, metal and even the classic looking bands.

Features and Benefits

Aside from not being too pricey, you can enjoy flaunting your limited edition watch that is exclusively plated with 22k gold. Its built-in design is also great for users who have a busy schedule because it is suitable for the workplace and for working out after.

Being able to see your stats can help you assess your overall fitness and you can also keep track of time as it is both a watch and a fitness band.

You can also time your workouts and between sets with the vibrating alarm and also keep track of how much calories you have burned and how many minutes you have actively exercised. Users of the watch also have the flexibility to use the screen with different bands so it can be used on many occasions.

Aside from keeping your schedules on point, users can also keep track of important messages and calls because of the built-in feature of the watch that allows users to receive messages and calls and other notifications.


Fashionable and customizable, the users can change the band of the watch to any color and design that they want as long as it is available and compatible with the watch. Users can also keep track of their development and fitness journey through the tracker and stats which quickly turns on and activates in just a tap.

Another great thing about this watch is it can fit most hands since buyers have the choice of choosing what they think is the right size for them. Sizes range from small to large, so you do not need to worry about not being able to find a watch that won’t fit you because this one might.

Day or night this watch will help you achieve your fitness goals through keeping track of your steps every day, weight loss and intense workouts. It will also assist you in making that perfect and peaceful good night sleep so you can start your day in excellent condition.


The design of this Fitbit Alta Fitness tracker is more on the primary side so do not expect a lot of features like most fitness trackers. Though the wristband is interchangeable, you can only change it if you bought separate bands since the product does not come with extra bands, which means you may have to splurge a little cash.

You also can only receive phone calls, text and notifications if your cell phone is near you, so you might have to carry your phone with you even during workouts like hiking.

Even though you can wear it anywhere to act a wristwatch and a tracker all at the same time, it cannot be used in a workout that requires you to submerge in the water like swimming because unfortunately, it is not designed to be waterproof or even just water resistant. So before showers, you have to take it off and during intense workouts make sure to wipe it properly so it will last longer.

Another thing is that though it is not on the pricey side, the price can climb up high depending on the design you chose. With this watch, you might not get a lot of extra stuff and applications or even have the chance to customize the built-in features so if you want watches that are waterproof and can also play music, then this is not for you.


You do not get a lot of features with this watch, and it does not have a lot of customizable options which can help the user customize the features according to his or her lifestyle. However, with its price, you can already get the necessary things you need to jumpstart your fitness lifestyle. Just be sure to measure your wrist correctly if you decide to buy this watch because, despite its cons, it will serve its users just fine.

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