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Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband Review

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Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband is made to help you keep motivated and energized as you attain your fitness goals. This color black multi-tasking wristband made with a lightweight rubber material which weighs 4 ounces with product dimension of 8.1 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches; 0.8 ounces is water resistant with Lithium- polymer battery type that can last up to 7 to 10 days.


This all-purpose fitness device has an advanced technology activity that can accurately track distance covered, burned calories and number of steps taken. It does sleep monitoring automatically and has silent vibrating alarm. No need for wires when charging since it charge syncs using Bluetooth and Internet connection to tablets, androids, and Windows Smartphone.

It syncs with Windows Vista and other later versions, Mac OS X 10.6 and other latest versions, iPhone 4S up, iPad gen 3 and up, and leading Android and Windows devices. The synching range is up to 20 feet away. It gets calls notification on your wrists via Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology. It allows access to synchronized fitness stats and provides Caller ID on its OLED display.



Fitbit Activity Wristband is more than just a watch; with its built-in handy applications it facilitates tracking your actions essential for continuing your pursuit of maintaining your desirable body weight. It can let you set personal goals and receive badges for every accomplished goal thus it gives a sense of accomplishment. It wakes you up every morning without busting your ears by setting the silent alarm on.

It goes well with other fitness applications such as myfitnesspal and allows Fitbit to connect and sync your activities on your account which enables the app to lessen the calorie count based on the activity done. The step tracker is consistently accurate and the sleep monitoring works great.

The sleep tracker automatically tracks what time did you fell asleep, what time did you woke up, and also it tells you whether you were restless or woke up in the middle of the night. It informs you how many times you had woke up, provided with the graph of your sleeping pattern.

You can even make your food journal where you can add the foods you’ve eaten throughout the day and it does the calorie count. Using the device is a better way to keep conscious of the calories and thus contribute a lot to shedding some weight.

Also, Fitbit application software does excellent work in keeping the user informed of the necessary updates at a glance by showing it on screen.  The display is vivid and easy to read and has all of the user-friendliness Fitbit users seemed accustomed to.

It provides entertainment which includes games and challenges where you can able to compete against your friends or search a new friend to contend with. Also provides software that connects to your personal computer or iPhone to get a track with your diet goals and even water intake.

This watch can be a sports’ watch and can be used as a timer by holding down the mode button attached to the side. While the timer is running, it tracks all other functions in the time frame set on the stopwatch and will able to tell how much you burned within the period.

It gives accurate data of your distance traveled by steps and converts those steps into miles. It acts as a pedometer on your wrist that tracks your steps throughout the day or how many flights of stairs you stepped.

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The device cannot do heart rate measurement, and it is not recommended for persons with a pacemaker or other internal implanted medical device. It is not advisable for children ages 13 years old and below.

Though it is water resistant, it not advisable to wear during taking showers for it causes the screen to get foggy and misted. It is not a waterproof watch that is wearable while swimming. It has a weak clasp and sometimes falls off when not noticed. The vinyl strap peels within a year or so, and it slides when wet. When exposed to too much sweat the tracker tends to separate from the band.

Fitbit monitoring data is not accurate at all times and overcount sleep, or there are activities left uncounted. The actual steps and the distance traveled sometimes do not sync with the data given in the device. Calorie counts also sometimes don’t correlate with the actual food intake and the activity done within a span of time. Some features are not compatible with Android devices and won’t sync consistently.

Its software also does not offer a friendly reminder to do necessary movements such as getting up and take a little walk after sitting for too long. Battery life decreases rapidly when you play games, and yet there are times it requires a couple of retries to charge the device.


This Fitbit Wristband is an excellent instrument for leveling up your physical fitness routine and is suitable for those individuals who love to do the walking and other physical activities that do not involve swimming. It is a useful tool to raise awareness of your habits and help execute changes. But not recommended for people who like to do frequent heart rate monitoring and the clasp should be thoroughly checked to avoid losing the device.

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