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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Review

Product Description

This Fitbit Ionic smartwatch from Fitbit comes in charcoal or smoke gray color. It is a universal size so it can fit most wrist. This watch is perfectly designed for people who have active lifestyles like those who are engaged in racing and workouts.

It has a built-in GPS which is helpful for those who want to set a proper track and measure their running distance. It can track your heart rate, and It also can also store up to more than 300 songs. It has up to 4 days of battery life, so you do not need to charge or buy batteries often.

This Ionic watch from Fitbit also allows users to conveniently access some favorite apps, like payment transactions apps or emails and messaging apps.

This observation is made with of durable elastomer material which is a material that also used for sports watches and the buckle is made from surgical-grade stainless steel which makes them available for use despite sweat. The materials used make the watch more flexible and durable.

Features and Benefits

The great thing about this watch is that it has plenty of features that can aid people who have active lifestyles. One being it can continuously keep track of a person’s heart rate, calorie burn and even measure the user’s health and in fitness during their workout sessions. Another thing that makes this Fitbit watch great is that it has workout modes that give the user the flexibility to make it work with their lifestyle.

You can switch the modes for running, biking, jogging and it even automatically records your exercises. The watch can also track your workout duration for better measurement of how much calories you have burned. It also acts like a smartphone but inside a watch which makes it more handier. It can deliver essential things such as calls, messages and even payment.

This watch also has a feature which you can use with the aid of the Fitbit app, in which users can have the opportunity to be guided by through in-speaker coaching and It can also change your lifestyle up to your sleep patterns by making personalized snooze times.


Aside from having a sleek and great look, it makes exercising and workout a lot easier. Unlike, other watches, not having to charge your watch continually is excellent since you can use it anytime without having to worry about a low battery in the most unexpected times.

This Fitbit watch can also automatically track whatever activities the user is doing. Another great thing about this watch is its sleep cycle pattern function which can impact the lifestyle of the user especially in aiding the user to be able to allocate his or her time wisely.

You can also sync your files using Bluetooth or via a USB wire. This watch does the job even in keeping the user entertained through music so you can forget the soreness of your muscles during workout sessions and if you have specific eye-conditions or just want clear captions and fonts, then you can also rely on this watch since it comes with a big and broad clear screen.

The built-in GPS also serves a great purpose because now users do not have to carry their bulky phones to keep track of their route, all users need to do is just strap on this wrist watch, turn it on, and they can now run or jog without the fear of being lost.

Aside from knowing their directions, they can also keep track of their distance, heart rate and burned calories which makes this watch remarkable regarding aiding its users in their fitness journey. This watch is built with materials that make it comfortable for both day and night wear and it can also withstand high and low temperatures which makes it suitable for use in different seasons.


Not all watches are perfect, and this Fitbit Ionic watch is no exception. There might be some instances where the Wi-Fi connection can become an Issue, and if you as a user want to use Spotify, unfortunately, you will just have to stick with pre-downloaded mp3 songs.

There might be some instances where using multiple can drain the battery a lot quicker which might lead users to need to charge it frequently. Even though it has various apps like emails and messaging apps, it might not be useful for some users, and the additional space it takes can perhaps be used for more better files.


Other user comments mainly praise this product for its flexibility and its great features. Despite its cons, the pros overly outweigh the terrible comments about the product. If you are looking for a smartwatch that has many features and that aid you in exercising and working out, then this is for you. Even if a person is a beginner or a pro, this is an essential and must-have because it pays attention to the details of a workout.

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