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Garmin Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker Review

There has been a global need for people to stay fit. This is because most of the advanced countries in our world today lead people to live sedentary lifestyles.

As a result, people suffer from obesity and many cardio related diseases. If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, you need to aid your fitness regime with an activity tracker to help you with tracking.

If you are new to these devices, let this Garmin Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker Review guide you in choosing the perfect device for you. In this article, you will have a closer look at the Garmin Vivofit 2 activity tracker.


This activity tracker is available in 4 variants of colors for an affordable price.

The activity tracker is equipped with iOS as well as android features that allow you to sync them with any of your devices.

Just like its predecessor, Vivofit 2 allows you to stay active the whole day. It alerts you to alarms that are triggered by inactivity for a specific period of time.

You can reset the LED lights by walking a few pace, which motivates you to be active during the day.

The tracker is equipped with a backlit display, which allows you track all the activities at all times. You can view the stats even in the dark.

You can also sync your device multiple times especially when you complete certain tasks or goals. 

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this activity tracker:


Since the batteries are non-rechargeable, you do not need to recharge your batteries after every few days. The batteries are long lasting up to a year, so there is a need to change them after every few uses. If you are a swimmer or want to wear your fitness band to the shower, you can freely do so. This fitness band is waterproof up to 50 meters of depth.

Most of the activity trackers only show the activity during the day, but this tracker shows you the date and time 24/7. This allows you to use this device as a watch, which makes it multi-purpose. This device is a motivational device that alerts you after being inactive for more than an hour.

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You can shut it down by performing some activity or simply by walking a few steps. The screen is backlit so that you can check all your stats even in the dark. You can choose a home screen option. This device gives you the option to customize your step goals with the help of this device. You can also pair this device with an HRM, which you may have to purchase separately.


The alarm systems of these devices are not up to a certain standard. Some of these irregularities are the following. The device does not have functions for a vibrating effect. You cannot set customized alert reminders. You cannot even set any manual alarms that are provided in average watches.

These are just some of the concerns of the customers who have purchased these bands. If the manufacturers upgrade their device that accommodates these features, then there will be 100% customer satisfaction.

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After the analysis of the various products in the market, we have found that the Vivofit Tracker is one of the best trackers in the market and we recommend it to you.  The waterproof nature of this device makes it a useful band for people who love to track their activities while they swim.

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