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Garmin vívofit 2 Bundle with Heart Rate Monitor Review

We all want to live healthy lifestyles. When we are unsure of the proper exercise program we need, we can rely on fitness trackers to assist us.

Such as in this case, this article focuses providing a helpful Garmin vívofit 2 Bundle with Heart Rate Monitor Review for all customers to be aware of its pros and cons, benefits, and features. Continue to read this Garmin vívofit 2 Bundle with Heart Rate Monitor Review for more useful information.

Product Description

The Garmin vívofit 2 is best known for its 1-year battery life and backlit display. It promotes a healthy lifestyle by reminding you when you have been inactive for an hour or longer. It alerts you with audible sounds to motivate you to move around.

Its typical features include calorie counting, steps counting, distance monitoring, sleep monitoring, time, and backlit display. It automatically syncs with your Garmin Connect so you can save, view, and share your fitness progress.

Design-wise, the vívofit 2 has a soft, bendable band that is comfortable on the wrist. You can change the color scheme of the fitness band using accessory bands to match it with your clothes.

Features and Benefits

What could be the key feature of the Garmin vívofit 2 Bundle with Heart Monitor is, it studies your activity level and suggests a personalized goal that you can aim for every day so you can become better in your chosen physical activity.

A sedentary lifestyle is more often than harmful to the body, although its impact takes some time to be seen.

It is better to start incorporating fitness into your life as early as now, which Garmin vívofit 2 can help you with. It has a move bar notification that is prompted every hour of inactivity.

You can leave your fitness tracker as is or set your smartphone to vibrate for reminders if you want a quieter form of notification.

Fitness enthusiasts will love its “personalized daily goals” feature that prompts them to aim for higher goals every time they meet their fitness “milestones”. Using the Garmin Connect, you can share your progress with other members and keep each other accountable.

Its innovative approach includes a timer for activities such as running and walking, allowing you to save your progress on Garmin Connect. It can also monitor your heart rate, zone data, and calories burned with more accurate information. For calories tracking, you can link your Garmin Connect to your MyFitnessPal account to get more accurate results.

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The Garmin vívofit 2 has a life-long battery that lasts up to more than a year. It is extremely helpful that its users do not have to carry a cable charger with them wherever they go.

They have the assurance that their fitness tracker can withstand a long time of physical activity. It is waterproof so wearing it while swimming is possible. It shows the time and date, so it also functions as a watch.

This fitness tracker has a backlit display to let you see the screen even in the dark. You can customize the home screen to your preference. The locking strap secures the fitness tracker on your wrist, so you do not have to worry about it falling off.

You can choose between the automatic or customizable step goals so that you would be more comfortable with your pace. The activity tracker helps monitor your progress. You can beat your own record or monitor your consistency.


This Garmin vívofit 2 Bundle with Heart Rate Monitor Review aims to make consumers aware not just of its pros, but also its cons.

Despite its many excellent features, you might find it a downside that the Garmin vívofit 2 is a bit bulkier than other fitness trackers. This might cause you to move uncomfortably until you get used to the feel of the fitness tracker.

Every hour of inactivity, it reminds you to move around using an audio notification. However, it doesn’t provide a vibration feature.

You might miss the reminder if you do not hear the audio. There are also no manual alerts that you can set, and you cannot customize the alert reminders. Lastly, the Garmin Connect is not as polished as other fitness tracker apps. It works fine, but it can be improved to become more user-friendly.

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Overall, the Garmin vívofit 2 is a great fitness app if you are looking for something that is simple and easy to use. It has a functional screen that you can customize to your preference.

It allows you to monitor your progress effectively, is waterproof, and has the necessary functions to help you monitor your physical activities. Its advantages clearly outweigh its disadvantages. With a price below $100, the Garmin vívofit 2 is a definite steal among other fitness trackers.

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