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Garmin vivofit 3 Activity Tracker Review

Product Description

The Garmin vivofit 3 is a single-colored activity tracker that monitors your physical activities to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

This particular model features the Garmin Move IQ automatic activity detection, which can add event badges to your Connect timeline whenever it detects specific movements including walking, running, swimming, and cycling.

The Garmin Connect is used to view your detailed data on your smartphone or desktop computer. Through this feature, you can look for other members and be accountable for each other’s activities and even challenge the other member.

This activity tracker comes in different colors and interchangeable bands, which are made of plastic, so it does not feel heavy on the arm.

Features and Benefits

One major advantage of the Garmin vivofit 3 is its long-lasting battery.

Vivofit came up with a disposable, coin-style battery that can last for an entire year so this means no more cable chargers for your fitness tracker whenever you are on the go.

This can also guarantee that the Garmin vivofit 3 would not just turn off while you are in the middle of working out.

Its long lasting battery enables you to track your activities continuously for more consistent data.

Like other fitness trackers, this Garmin model’s classic function is to monitor your sleep, count your steps, remind you when you have already been inactive for an hour, and detect the physical activities you do.

With the sleep tracker, it can detect how well you are sleeping based on your movement. It identifies three phases including light sleep, deep sleep, and awake. It also shows your total hours of sleep.

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Consumers who have previously used the Garmin vivofit 3 love its waterproof feature. For many users, having a fitness tracker that can withstand a deep volume of water is a huge plus since they no longer have to remove the tracker while in the pool or the shower. Thus, this feature is highly beneficial and is loved by many.

It has an audio movement reminder, so you do not have to keep watching the tracker’s screen for any reminders. The sound is loud enough for the user to hear but is not distractive in a quiet environment.

Previous users of this Garmin model also find it a huge help not to keep charging the device by having a 1-year battery lifespan.

You never have to miss a day of tracking when you have this fitness tracker on your wrist. You also do not have to fuss about any cable chargers when its battery icon starts blinking.

More, the screen has a split screen feature that you can utilize to view two different activities at the same time. For example, you can display the time and see the metrics of your activity.


When it comes to disadvantages, it takes a while before the activity tracker monitors an intense exercise. If your movement were not intense enough, it would not detect your activity. This can also be a helpful function to push you to perform better. Otherwise, it takes a while to detect your body’s pacing.

With connectivity, you need to connect the Garmin vivofit 3 to your Garmin Connect first before to your smartphone. Otherwise, it would not work, and you would not be able to view your data.

The tracker’s strap is interchangeable. However, it may be too long for people who have an average-sized wrist. You might have to cut off some extra material for a better fit. Some people feel iffy about it since it feels like damaging the activity tracker even though you are not.

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The Garmin vivofit 3 has some disadvantages. These include its slowness to track intense exercises, its fussy connectivity process, and its long tracker band. On the other hand, it also has its highlights, which consumers really love.

It is waterproof, has interchangeable bands, has a long-lasting battery life that extends to a year. It also has a split screen that enables users to track two activities at once.

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