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Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Review

Over the years, there has been a massive range of fitness watches that help you monitor all your activities during the day, which motivates you to be fit. Owning a fitness band is not an easy decision to make, especially if you lack the proper knowledge of a good fitness band.

Taking this into consideration, we have provided you with this Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Review to help you decide if this is the fitness band you need.  In this section, we will take a look at the fitness monitor called Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band.


This fitness band is on the cheaper side and is available in six different colors. The band comes with an indicator that glows red after an hour of inactivity.

Aside from the red light, you will find other colors that light up after certain periods of time. You can reset them by doing some exercise or simply by walking.

This watch is also stylish. It allows you to wear it for any occasion, either for pleasure or business. It also has a good battery life.

This device allows you to set your personalized goals for the day or the week. Like other brands, it offers you the facility to count your calories during the day. You can also keep track of your metabolic rates and sleep cycle.


There have been plenty of reviews of the customers who have worn other bracelets for monitoring their activity, but there is no match for the stylishness of the Vivofit.

Its design looks sleek, so you can wear it while working out or hanging out with your friends.  You can also choose between different colors of the band to fit your style better. These straps can be easily replaced. 


The batteries are extremely potent and long-lasting. Unlike its predecessors, the Vivofit uses small watch batteries that work for up to a year.

The Force, which was the predecessor of the Vivofit, had rechargeable batteries but seemed to die at any moment. Although the Vivofit does not have rechargeable batteries, you will not have to worry about replacing them immediately. 

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Activity Tracker

It is an awesome tracker that is built for the common needs of the people. You can continuously track your heart rate, your metabolic rate, and your sleep cycle.

When compared to another activity tracker, the Vivofit received more praises. The calories burnt during a process can also be calculated with precision. This was one of the best features the customers liked about this device.

You can also keep tabs on your statistics by syncing your Vivofit to your smartphone or your computer. The iOS and Android dual functionality earned the company many clients over time. 


This device has a unique way of reminding the wearer that they need to do some activity by sending out signals after a certain amount of time. This keeps the user aware that he needs to be active throughout the day.


If you are a user of the Force, which was the previous installment of the Vivofit, and you are comfortable with the brand, then you need to definitely get this latest edition.

It has all the advanced features with the same charisma. It also comes at an affordable price so you would not have to break the bank to get this model.

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