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Garmin vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit Review

Product Description

The Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit is just one of the few items in the whole Garmin Activity Tracker line.

In this product review, we will take a close look at its functions, features and benefits, and pros and cons.

For starters, Garmin vívosmart HR is not your typical activity tracker. It does more than count your calories, steps, and hours of sleep.

The Garmin vívosmart HR is equipped with the Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology that allows an array of smart notifications, so you do not miss anything when your phone is out of reach.

You can receive texts, calls, e-mail messages, calendar notifications, and other alerts.

It comes in three different colors (midnight blue, imperial purple, and black) so you can choose which one speaks to you the most.

Features and Benefits

This activity tracker’s Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology allows calories burned to be accurately measured. It is a notch higher than other activity trackers that cannot count the exact number of stair flights climbed.

Moreover, it can track the intensity of your physical activity including the number of steps you take, the distance you cross, your heart rate, the calories you burn, and your intensity minutes and the time of the day.

You will be able to receive notifications all throughout the day with its screen display that is turned on 24/7. For tracking your food intake, you can link your Garmin Connect account to your MyFitnessPal account.

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With the Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker, you do not have to look further for a waterproof fitness tracker.

You can wear this model during whichever sport or fitness regime you typically perform. You can wear it in the gym, in the pool, and even in the shower.

The screen functions as a touchscreen and has an optional backlight if you want to see a brighter screen. You can also customize the screen display to your preference. This will help you choose the icons that you use the most for quicker access.

Your activity updates automatically get synced to your phone when you open the app. It syncs updates even without a wire attached. It also syncs when you charge the gadget to your computer via cable.

You can check your data either through the website or the smartphone app. The Garmin vívosmart HR is compatible both with iOS and Android smartphones.

This high-technology activity tracker alerts you whenever you are alert or idle. Its heart rate system is turned on 24/7, so your heart rate data is continuously tracked.

It automatically detects when you are asleep based on your breathing pattern and movement. As with its design, Garmin vívosmart HR is comparable to a watch’s strap, so it is highly secure and fit.


The Garmin vívosmart HR does not measure the heart rate accurately although this feature is turned on 24/7. The smartphone app has some bugs present and is not easy to navigate.

It cannot import the distance into your physical activities based on GPS, and the distance is also not measured accurately as they appear to be shorter than they should be.

The move/idle alerts are set on a fixed 60-minute interval, and you cannot customize it according to your preference. You can set an alarm, but you can only choose a particular setting either “every day” or “weekdays” and not on a specific day.

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The Garmin vívosmart HR has many unique and helpful features, but not all of the elements in your fitness activity are accurately measured, such as the heart rate and the distance.

There are some bugs in the smartphone app, but which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone users.

The Garmin vívosmart HR tracks plenty of activities including the heart rate, the calories burned, the steps that were taken and the floors climbed, and the intensity minutes.

It is completely waterproof and can perform well for five days without charging. The touchscreen display is customizable to fit your active lifestyle.

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