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Healthier and Wealthier: How You Can Make Money With Your Fitness Band!

You have your goals now, and you’re trying to execute your plans as you go through your fitness journey. Like others, probably you have purchased your activity tracker and start counting your steps on the way to your target lifestyle.

But, what if there is this something more than that. And that is making money while pursuing your dream healthy lifestyle! All you have to do is use your awesome fitness tracker band and do your workout thing that means taking care both of your physical and financial health at the same time.

Some companies are generous enough who are willing to give you funds while doing exercise. YES! Your labor will never be in vain. You got to sweat, manage your diet and count your calories while getting additional digits on your income. Sounds enticing right?

Here are some of the programs you might want to check out and sign up and start improving your health while boosting your wealth.

Walgreen’s Balance Rewards

One way to earn money is to connect your smartwatch-fitness band to your Walgreen’s Balance Rewards card. It is easy as eating candy, just connect your device and start getting points or you might want to follow this steps.

  1. Go to Walgreens.com and have yourself sign up for a Balance Rewards Account(skip this step if you already have one).
  2. You have now your card! Start to create and personalize your account.
  3. On the main screen, you can click the Account Home icon.
  4. Find the Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices by scrolling down and click the blue button EARN POINTS.
  5. Find the sharing information and click on the screen. Then you can now click on connect a Fitness Tracker (to keep you updated automatically).
  6. Select the type of fitness band you are using.
  7. Redirect to FitBit’s site and need to click the pink button and ALLOW the application to run on your device
  8. Finally! You can enjoy walking while earning points.


Here is another excellent application you can make use of to earn rewards. All you have to do is to:

  1. Visit AchieveMint and click the Register button found at the top of their page.
  2. Fill in the registration with your necessary information.
  3. After which, you will see a link that notifies you to connect your AchieveMint account to your FitBit account. Click the guidelines and follow the indicated steps.
  4. Finally! You can now earn points for every completed activity and what makes it more fantastic is that when you reach 50, 000 points, you will get a $ 50 Visa Card!

Amazing! You will start to love doing your workouts since you will be getting your dream shape and convertible points as well.


Leap4Life is cool site also pays you with rewards. This works same as the other mentioned application. It helps play an active, vital role in managing your healthy lifestyle. To get points, all you have to do is to track all your activities and challenge yourself. Also, taking part in events and challenging others or your friends will give you additional points.

Upon accumulating enough points, you can convert it to cash in for free products from different health and fitness companies or convert and redeem your points for cash.


This health reward application also allows you to earn points through your Fitbit (and other methods). What makes it more fantastic is that you can even check with your insurance company or employer as might some of them will match points you earn. Just follow these steps.

  1. Go to EveryMove and click the sign-up button.
  2. Fill in the registration form flashed on your screen and sign in.
  3. Upon setting up your account, you will be redirected automatically to a page which shows different devices including your Fitbit.
  4. Then click the connect button to sync your account.
  5. When you are already connected, you can then access and can even add your health plan, employer or if you are still a student you can also add your college friends. This will give you bonus points if ever they will decide to participate with you. (If you are not interested or you do not have this, please then skip this step).

What makes this application great is that when you sign-up, it will get back and grab some of your previous activity. These will then will be added in some of your retroactive points. With this, you will get discounts on those products you are dying to purchase.


Also, like other health point applications, Higi is an interesting application that allows you to earn and redeem points through products, or if you want you can donate to a charity. So you get to sweat, get toned while helping others. All you need to do is the following steps.

  1. Visit the website of Higi and get started by signing up.
  2. Fill in with the profile information and personalize your account.
  3. Connect your device and click the FitBit link provided to you.
  4. Just follow the steps indicated to link your account.
  5. Once you have your pints, you can have it either cash it in via discount codes or might as well donate to the charity instead.

This is great for you will be able to motivate yourself more as you can help others have their lives shaped as well.


Among others, Pact is a membership website or a mobile phone application that you can use to make your pact and even place bets against other users to stay religious to your goals.

All you need to do is sign-up with your credit card. Afterward, you should determine the number of your workouts that you will need to each week.

With that, you should also indicate the fine you will be a charge if you happen to miss one. Every Sunday then, Pact divides all your fines from those who skipped workouts and pays it out to those who did not.

See? Amazing! You have some choices on how to make use and exhaust your resources. You can now have your body toning, diet goals, and fitness monitoring while earning at the same time. It is more like of hitting two birds with one stone.

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