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Activity Monitors For Healthier Pets: They Can Get Quantified Too!

Every intricate matter we encounter these days always seemed to be provided with satisfying and appropriate actions by the technology. The latter has produced devices that efficiently lessen the burden and weight or load of feelings that we carry every day.

One of the problems that these devices resolve is our health and fitness issue. Experts have invented fitness activity trackers in solution to our unhealthiness and misfit. We have been enabled to monitor our health and fitness and live an active and healthy lifestyle through these devices.

But not only us humans have real and significant issues in our health. And we’re not the only one who can dubiously benefit from these activity trackers. Device-makers have considered our pets as wearers too and have begun targeting the $66.75 billion pet industry.

These experts designed fitness trackers for pets as the quantified-self movement has led to flooding the market with health and activity trackers of every kind.

Big, small, young or old, our furry friends need health monitoring and exercise just like us. They too can experience and suffer from obesity, malnutrition, and other body conditions. Our pets are considered as part of the family, and we would not want a family member to suffer from such conditions. As owners, we help them overcome unhealthiness and lead them to become fit.

The most common nutritional disorder in companion animals is obesity. An estimate of 54 percent of pets in the US is found by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention as overweight and obese. And overweight pets are at risk for a variety of health problems. The problems include  the following:

  • Skin infections
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Immune suppression
  • Diabetes
  • Orthopedic and arthritic disorders

And some forms of cancer, as well as increased surgical and anesthetic risk can be experienced by your pets. But weight loss can help improve the quality of their life. Losing weight can decrease the stress on joints, help facilitate examination and surgical procedures and improve cardiovascular function.

It also enhances athleticism and reduces or eliminate the need for certain medications required to manage medical disorders. Credits indeed to the inventors of fitness activity trackers for pets. Through these devices, you can learn valuable information about your pet’s activities, sleep patterns, and monitor their health.

The following compositions are the example of activity trackers for pets that can keep away from inactivity and illnesses:

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Founded in 2012, Whistle is a small rectangular clip on-collar device designed for the pets and the humans who love them. Whistle 3 with its attractive design tracks your dog’s or cat’s GPS location, activity and pet care history. It allows you to set fitness goals, monitor rest patterns, and gives you easy access from your smartphone, anytime, of course via the free app.

Whistle has a built-in Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, enabling you to get updates on your pet’s progress while you are away.  Other than that, it gives you a map of your pet’s steps down to the exact paw up to 3,000 miles away.

You can keep track of medications, a food log, and you can even make notes of the things you noticed that day. You can also rest with a visual summary of your dog’s daily activities. To date, the company has sold more than 200,000 unit.

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Another collar-worn pet-monitor is Fitbark, which is described as a research grade sleep and activity tracker. The lightweight on-collar monitor is bone-designed and is smaller than most other monitors. It also comes in a variety of colors.

Fitbark provides valuable data about dogs and their activity habits that also researchers can use for their studies. In late 2017, Fitbark came out with Fitbark 2 which is a new and improved version of the original.

It is stronger, composed of a more durable material, and has extremely long battery life. Count on the interchangeable color covers and the ability to link to your fitness tracker.

May it be Fitbit, Apple, Google, or Jawbone, and more. Fitbark 2 is waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes and can recharge without removing the collar.

You can see and understand your dog’s health by tracking his/her progress and the kind of day he/she is having via an activity breakdown.

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Petpace is a smart collar for pets, and it uses sophisticated technology to track and analyze their temperature, respiration, activity, body posture, and calories burned. It also monitors heart rate, and heart rate variability to detect health trends and potential concerns.

The collar collects data through the day and communicates with the base station every 1-2 minutes. It has LED indicator lights on both the collar and Gateway base station. Petpace alerts you and your vet at the moment it signals a problem.

Aside from that, you can log in to an online account or use the app to see your pet’s dashboard. It is where you can view the trends, health history, daily progress, and more. Petpace is waterproof and has 3-week battery life. It is adjustable and comes in 3 sizes, from cats up to larger dogs.

Unlike any other many clip-on activity trackers, the Link AKC is a collar itself with a removable and rechargeable tracking unit. The collar is a stylish light brown stitched leather that comes in five sizes and is all adjustable.

It has a built-in  LED light that helps your dog be seen at night. It also has a sound alert that assists the training. The light and the sound can be controlled remotely using the app. It has 3 GPS location:

  • Within Bluetooth range of your phone
  • Around a certain radius of where the charging device is plugged in
  • Outside the safe zone.

It has a virtual scrapbook to record and remember adventures with photos and notes. Other than that, Link AKC is water resistant up to 3 feet, and the battery life lasts up to 2 days.

Petkit is another activity monitor, and its tracker is a little disk that is about the size of a half dollar coin and weighs only 0.3 ounces. The scuff-free surface is durable and compact and is comfortable. It is water resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

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Petkit is available in a variety of colors, and it comes with two sizes of bands that you can attach to your dog’s existing collar. A good thing about the Petkit aside from its other features is that it tracks meal consumption which can calculate approximate calories consumed as well as sleep quantity.

The data from the meal consumption, when combined with your pet’s activity translates into a fitness report and overall mood score. For real-time statistics, use the app. However, the Petkit does not include GPS.

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Tractive Motion. It is to be attached to your pet’s collar. The tracker collects data 24/7, and it will be sent directly to your smartphone. It sends real-time statistics to your phone, so you can see how active your pet has been throughout the day.

It tracks your pet’s motions, how much she/he moves, and when. Other than that, it tracks ambient temperature for you to be able to see the correlation between the environment and your pet’s behavior.

The Tractive Motion is 100% waterproof so your pet can still play in the water. It charges through USB and has decent battery life. Your dog gets some points for the level of activity she/he hath done throughout the day, and you, the owner will get notified if your pet is being too lazy.

However, the tracker does not have GPS installed in it. So, syncing data will be done via Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi. You would not be able to know your pet’s activity when you are away.

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Consider also the Poof Pet Activity Tracker. It tracks calories, and monitors sleep quality activity 24/7. Like any other activity tracker, the Poof gives the pet owners a way to keep track of their pet’s activity levels and keep them on their road to a healthy life.

You can choose between the Poof Bean and Poof Pea. The Poof Bean is waterproof and ultralight. It tracks activity 24/7, and its battery lasts up to 60 days. It is also rechargeable and is available in various colors.

The Poof Pea, on the other hand, is the battery champion for its battery could last up to 6 months. The battery is replaceable, and it is as well waterproof and available in various colors.

A recent study has shown that dogs who maintain their ideal body weight for life lived almost two years longer than moderately obese dogs. Not only an active pet is a healthy pet, but they are also happy. So having one of these activity monitors can bring transformation to your pet’s life.

There would be an easy identification of what causes our pet’s bad condition, and owners can take their pets quickly to the vet if they have noticed something terrible about them. Other than that, the vet can get the state treated immediately after seeing the summary of the pet’s activity.

However, we can’t entirely depend on these devices in checking our pet’s health, and say that these are fault-free. There will always be issues regarding accuracy, quality control, and durability.

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