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Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker Review

Choosing an activity tracker can be such a tedious job especially if you have so many manufacturers and brands to choose from. You need to take into account the various activities you are going to perform during the day so that you can choose your fitness band wisely.

In this section, we will take a look at the Polar Loop Activity Tracker. This review will give you an idea about the features of the device as well as the pros and the cons of the tracker. Keep reading this Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker Review for more details and customer reviews. 


You will get the polar loop activity tracker that is available for an affordable price in three different colors. 

The size of the wristband is 9 inches from buckle to buckle. It tracks your activity for the whole day without any glitches.

The band needs to be strapped to your wrists. Motivation is provided by the band when you face extreme inactive time periods.

The activity tracker makes sure to show you the exact calories burned, daily activities, steps taken, and the time of the day.

It can also track your sleep cycle to determine if you are resting well every night.

The Bluetooth Smart allows you to sync your device with the Polar Flow app and is monitored after certain amounts of time.

Make sure to update the software to version 1.0.1. The rechargeable batteries last up to five days of regular use.

This fitness tracker is completely waterproof so you would not have to worry about damaging it with water. Your heart rate can be monitored with the H6 or H7 sensor.

What is a better way to review this fitness tracker other than reviewing its pros and cons?

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This device provides a stylish outfit for every attire you wear and you can wear them for any occasion.

The time feature in this band allows it to be multi-functional. On the contrary, most customers are still a bit perplexed that the date function is not provided in this device.

You do not need to plug in the device into your smartphone to get the readings. The smartphone will be synced with the fitness band at all times and it avoids the problem of manually syncing it. 

A few punches into the device and you can get all the stats of your activities. The UI is completely interactive and intuitive, which makes it easier for the people to use.

The built-in HR monitor allows you to switch in-between activities without doing it manually. For example, if you are walking and switch to jogging, you need not manually change the settings. 

The waterproof feature also received praises from the customers. You can use this device when you take a shower or go for a swim.

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The apps for this device is not as sleek as the other devices’. For one, you cannot get different columns for different activities. 

The battery life has a period of five days, which is not as good as compared to the other devices. This device does not have an alarm vibration, but which is better since this tends to drain the battery faster.

Although it is waterproof, the water does affect some controls of the device. These are some of the minor problems associated with this device.

Although it does have some cons, you can be sure that this device is worth buying. It has some of the best tracking facilities available that are also very accurate. This is the best buy for this range of cost.

2 thoughts on “Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker Review

  1. Thanks for this review. I want to add that I would not recommend the Polar Loop to anyone who does outdoor fitness, as it’s virtually impossible to see the red watch-face display outdoors during the day. When riding a bike, running, or doing any snow sports, I need to be able to see what time it is – quickly and easily. Finding a shady place along the route where one can actually view the display shouldn’t be required! The Polar Loop also forces the wearer to “scroll through” other settings (steps, calories, activity) before displaying the time of day; when riding a bike, this kind of sustained 2-handed distraction is actually dangerous. It also requires syncing about every 3 days; otherwise the memory is full & cannot record more data. The only place I can sync it is with my home laptop, which I don’t use that often, so syncing it is a twice-week hassle. This device may be good for swimmers or those who work out in a gym and aren’t super-busy in their daily lives. However, even though I really like that it tracks my steps & my sleep (and that it’s water-resistant), I now use it only occasionally, and I’m in the market for a regular watch.

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