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Polar Loop Activity Tracker Review

Are you looking for a device that will help you keep track of your activities so that you are informed as well as motivated to keep fit? If you have not heard of a device called the fitness tracker, then you are missing out on so much.

These devices are built especially for the fitness freaks as well as the newbies who want to change their lifestyle. These are also for the ones who want to keep tabs on their fitness levels. In this Polar Loop Activity Tracker Review, we will take a look at the Polar Loop Activity Tracker so that you can make an informed decision on purchasing this device.


The model is available in three distinct colors and for an affordable price on Amazon.

The size of the band is around 9 inches from end to end. Like all activity trackers, you can track all your physical activities the entire day.

Motivation is what these bands provide their users since they continuously track your activities.

You are equipped with a powerful LED that displays the time of the day, your calories burned, your physical activities, steps taken, and sleep cycle.

You can also sync your device with the Polar Flow App which is free. The waterproof bracelet is another feature that makes it an attractive band, especially for swimmers.

Let us take a look at some of the reviews of the customers about this device:


Many experienced customers who have previously owned such fitness trackers have found out that they are happier with the Polar Loop Activity tracker than any other device. One of the most distinguishing points is because they find that these devices are more intuitive and you can scroll through the menus easily. It is also easier to fit on the strap than any other devices.

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Easy Pairing

You can easily switch between the H6 and the H7 monitor. Either of the two is easy to use and completely intuitive for the customers to self-attach it. The customer staff have been trained well to assist customers with their questions and concerns. Many customers have credited the customer service for their prompt replies and their efficiency including addressing pairing concerns. 

Battery Life

The battery life of this device is a bit precarious. It is not as perfect as the other models. You will find that these batteries are rechargeable but they become low after five days of use. This is somewhat of a con that people have complained about.

Flow App

The Flow App is slightly faulty, with some customers finding certain glitches or irregularities in the app. You cannot get the exact charts for all the activities, which is a concern for some customers. 

Activity Tracker

The tracker is exceptional when it comes to tracking the steps, your swimming strokes as well as depicting the calories of your diet. You will also be continuously be motivated to stay active during the day, which makes it a go-to device for a sedentary lifestyle. The waterproofing for the device is also another great feature that allows the bearer to wear the device when he is showering or swimming. The waterproof function is reliable and is widely accepted for its quality.

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This is a great gadget for monitoring your activities. You will be guaranteed of great quality as well as with a sleek design which can be worn for various occasions. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the website and the software. You will get notifications with the help of an analog dial, although it does not have any graphs or pictographs to depict your stats.

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