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TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch Review

Living a healthy lifestyle is important. For some, it is a necessity more than a want, especially for people who need to take care of their bodies due to illnesses. For some, being active helps them be physically fit and perform their daily activities with ease. If you are looking for a fitness tracker to help you achieve your fitness goals, take a look at this review.

The TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch Review aims to provide the pros and cons, benefits, and features of this particular product. Continue reading to learn more useful information about the TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch.

Product Description

The TomTom Spark Fitness Watch looks like a plain watch, but it has more powerful features than simply showing the time or date.

It is a 24/7 fitness tracker that monitors your physical activity all throughout the day whether you are just walking or doing an intense exercise.

It is certified waterproof. Thus, it allows you to wear it all the time without worrying about any water damage.

Its Waterproof Sport Watch has a Multisport Mode that mixes your training program with activities such as running, cycling, and swimming.

Meanwhile, its GPS Running Watch and Activity Tracker measures time, distance, speed, pace, calories burned, and hours of sleep.

It is a smart fitness trainer that shows real-time statistics, so you can monitor your progress right then and there.

TomTom Spark’s battery can last for a couple of weeks with non-stop use, unlike some that you have to charge overnight everyday. Moreover, its GPS tracking lasts for 11 hours.

You can sync this fitness watch with your favorite apps to help you monitor your progress. You can include your height and weight for more accurate readings.

Features and Benefits

The TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch model has so many useful features that it is absolutely hard to pick a favorite.

Among other fitness trackers, this one is definitely a steal with its ability to store a huge amount of music, as much as 500 songs, and be connected with wireless headphones, so you can enjoy your favorite songs while working out and leave your phone or iPod at home.

You can easily download your songs from iTunes or a similar source and have them with you in your compact gadget.

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It is a powerful fitness watch with a GPS watch, a music player, a multi-sport tracker, and a heart rate monitor. This would be a sweet treat for you if you were mostly concerned with tracking and data.

You can easily connect your TomTom Spark to your computer to sync your progress. It is relatively easy to see your running statistics while on the go, as the figures are highly visible on the screen.

Its key features include the following: all-day activity tracking, automatic sleep tracking, multisport tracking (including swimming), and waterproof for up to 40m/130ft.

It also has GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring (except when swimming) and heart rate training zones. More, it has 3GB music storage, compatibility with most Bluetooth headphones, audio performance feedback, goal setting, rechargeability using a USB dock, and extended battery life.

Pros and Cons


The TomTom Spark Fitness Watch is easy to use. You can easily see your readings while exercising due to its smart design and readable font.

It has many features at your disposal, and it is user-friendly. This model may be bulky, but it is not heavy and awkward to wear on the wrist. It is a reasonably priced fitness trainer for something that has many features.


With so many advantages, it is hard to look for something that you would not like in this Fitness Watch. However, if you are a big MyFitnessPal user, you might have a little problem with the TomTom Spark. It is not compatible with MyFitnessPal app.

Thus, you might have to find another fitness app that you can connect it with. If you want to use MyFitnessPal, you can sync the TomTom Spark with MapMyFitness and link it with MyFitnessPal. This is the only way that you would get the fitness tracker to work with that particular app.

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The TomTom Spark is an excellent fitness watch for individuals who are looking for a unique yet simple tracker. TomTom Spark’s price is excellent, given that the key features are superb.

It also has a good size that is easy and comfortable on the wrist. And it helps you achieve your fitness goals by monitoring your progress 24/7.

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