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Withings Steel HR – Activity Tracking Watch with Heart Rate Monitoring Review

Product Description

Unlike other fitness watches, the Withings steel HR is more on the affordable side and is much simpler regarding design and features. The product has a black color and has a circular watch face. It has a built-in feature like an optimized heart rate monitor and an automatic activity tracker and sleep tracker.

It looks like the classic watch but instead for fitness activities. It has an easy to read digital screen that displays the user’s heart rate, the number of steps the user has walked or the calories burned. It also has an alarm clock which users can use as a timer and it like other smartwatches also has smartphone alerts.

With the aid of the free health mate app (The app used for aiding the users in maximizing the abilities of the smartwatch), the owners can choose to enable the automatic synchronization mode with automatically adds the activities and sleep cycle data from the watch to your smartphone.

The battery life of this hears rate tracker can reach up to 20 days and even 25 days depending on the usage. With the push of a button, you can easily monitor your workout performance and your heart rate through a visual graph that is lined with every detail that you will need.

Features and Benefits

It has a heart rate monitor that will continuously check the watch users heart rate during workouts, and it checks the daily heart rate trends of the user while also keeping in mind the resting heart rate of the user at resting times to assess the overall fitness and health of the user.

It is designed and built with a waterproof material so the user can use it during swimming exercises and it will not break even in extreme sweat-inducing cardio workouts. It also automatically tracks activities like walking and running and even the amount of calories burned during the exercise sessions.

The design also features an activity dial that conveniently displays the user’s heart rate in the clear and easy-to-read digital screen. The watch is also designed to have features that can track the number of steps, the amount of distance walked, and the calories burned which makes it handy.

It also has smartphone alerts which are useful in case an emergency pops up during your jog. The watch can be used with the free app and helps the users know more the details of his or her workout.

The extended battery life is also super helpful, and the fact that it can withstand water of up to 50 meters makes it so much handy since you can use it with you anywhere even when you are taking a shower.


Aside from being not too pricey, this watch from Withings also has many Pros despite its simple look. One being its classy and smart look, with its classic design you can use it even in formal occasions which makes it fashionable and multi-purpose. It can also track your steps and how long you have traveled.

It measures your heart rate accurately so you can keep track of your overall fitness. It has a built-in alarm which is especially helpful to those who are busy so they can insert a workout schedule during their working days and also keep track of how long they work out. Moreover, unlike other smartwatches, it has a very long battery life so you can use it for days and days without the constant need to recharge it.

Exercising is a sweat-producing activity, and sweat is technically water, and most of us know that gadgets, electricity, and water do not go well together. The fact that this watch from Withings is waterproof makes it better since you do not need to worry about sweat and water touching your watch. 


Despite its looks and features, there are still some downsides to having this watch. Some users may find the graph data presentation hard to understand because of its lack of clarity.

Moreover, if you have vision problems or just hate small fonts, then this might not be for you since you might find the font size too small. You do not also have as many options as a smartwatch since this watch has a lower capacity, you only have limited notification options, and if you want tight grips, you might find the wristband as too light or too fragile for your hands.

Another thing is that the charger can be a mess and hard to attach and the product does not come with a USB outlet charger. However, you at least do not need to charge it regularly which is a good thing. 


A watch and a tracker at the same time with long battery life, this watch is a steal. It may have some downsides, one being that it does not have a lot of built-in features like a smart watch but it serves its purpose, and for its price, it’s already a bargain.

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